Magma Mini 2 Tent Wood Stove with Oven

  • Tent wood stove secondary air intake enhances tent stove combustion.
  • The bottom removable oven is convenient for baking pizza.
  • Made of pure titanium, it will not rust after high temperatures.
  • The inverted chimney base can be a stainless steel stove pipe.
  • 2 glass windows, a good atmosphere for watching the fire.



The Titanium tent wood stove with oven is made of titanium, which will not rust after high-temperature burning. It has a removable bottom oven, which is convenient for baking pizza in the oven when camping outdoors. It is lightweight and portable, easy to carry. The chimney base can be inserted upside down, and the stainless steel stove pipe can be used. Two fire-viewing glass windows create a good atmosphere.


Tent Stove Feature

Removable oven at the bottom

The bottom of the Titanium tent stove can be connected to an oven for use, making it convenient to bake pizza when camping outdoors.


Secondary air intake

Secondary air intake can burn incompletely burned materials, increase the combustion efficiency of the titanium tent stove, and release more heat.


Tent Wood Stove 2 Glass Windows

The portable tent stove has two glass windows, which is convenient for adding firewood, creating a camping atmosphere and lighting inside the tent.


The tent wood stove is made of pure titanium.

The tent wood stove is made of pure titanium. It will not rust after high-temperature combustion and can be used for a long time. Titanium can also burn beautiful colors. Compared with other metals, it has excellent anti-deformation ability.


Inverted Tent Wood Stove Damper

Not only can titanium chimneys be used, but also stainless steel chimneys can be used through the inverted design.


DIY spark arrestor

The top of the spark arrestor can be replaced, and you can DIY your favorite shape for installation and use.


Air Intake Circulation System

The front door of the titanium tent stove has a large air intake hole to adjust the air intake. The Tent Stove Damper has an exhaust damper to control the exhaust.


Ultra-light and portable

Titanium is lightweight and can be easily carried when made into a tent wood-burning stove.


Easy to install

Unfold the folding tent stove legs, attach the chimney, and you can use it quickly.


Reserved holes for grilling at the bottom

You can use it as a grill by passing a metal rod through the hole.


Product Specifications

Product name: Magma Mini
Stove type: Portable tent stove
Carrying weight: 2.0kg/4.4lbs.
Storage tent stove size: 33x20x16.5cm/13×7.87×6.5inch.
Installation size: 36.5×20.2×26.3cm/14.4×7.95×10.35inch.
Material: Titanium
Tent stove pipe length: 2.5m/8.2ft
Tent stove pipe diameter: 6cm/2.36inch
Adjustable chimney base: Yes
Chimney reversal: Yes
Campfire stove mode: No


Included accessories

Tent stove body x1, tent stove damper x1, titanium stove pipe x1, spark arrester x1, stove bag x1, removable titanium oven x1.


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