Ridge Titanium Wood Stove with 3 Glazed Windows

  • 🌟Foldable and easy to carry: Carrying weight (including accessories) 2.7kg/5.9lbs. It can be folded and put into a backpack. All accessories can be put into the stove storage bag. The titanium wood stove pipe is 8.2 feet long and equipped with 8 stove pipe rings (diameter 2.36 inches).
  • 🌟Durable and sturdy: Add a fixing part to the top cover of the stove to reduce deformation caused by high temperature, effectively reducing 90% deformation. The top reinforcement can withstand a weight of 25 pounds. The glass window with a thickness of up to 4mm will not break easily.
  • 🌟【Three-sided glass window with a good view of the fire】The titanium wood stove has a three-sided glass window, which allows you to see the flame beating from three angles, enhancing the camping atmosphere.
  • 🌟Easy to use: It can be quickly set up in 1.5 minutes. It is suitable for rough terrain. There are large air intakes on both sides to provide enough oxygen for combustion. The air intake and exhaust of the titanium wood stove are adjustable to control the size of the flame. The spark suppressor prevents rainwater from entering the tent stove and prevents sparks from damaging the tent. The glass windows on both sides provide lighting and help you add firewood. The titanium coil stove pipe is easy to carry and clean.
  • 🌟Function Usage: It can be used for winter camping heating, tent lighting and cooking. Open the top cover and it can be used as a bonfire stove or barbecue stove.


Product Specifications:

Product Name: RIDGE
Stove Type: Foldable Titanium Wood Stove
Stove Weight: 2.2kg/4.8lb
Carrying Weight: 2.7kg/5.9lb
Storage Size: 40.5x21x6.5cm/16×8.2×2.5in
Installation Size: 45.5x21x19.5/17.9×8.2×7.6in
Stove Body Size: 38x20x18.5cm/16×8.2×7.3in
Material: Titanium
Stove Pipe Length: 2.5m/8.2ft
Stove Pipe Diameter: 6cm/2.36in
Adjustable Chimney Base: Yes
Chimney Reversal: Yes
Side Glass Size: 30x9x0.4cm/11.8×3.5×0.15in
Front Door Glass Size: 11.5 x 14.5 x 0.4 cm / 4.5 x 5.7 x 0.15 in
Stove capacity: 14l/3bal
Campfire stove mode: Yes



Ridge Titaniu Wood Stove X1, Tent Stove Damper X1, Stove Pipe X1, Stove Pipe Rings X8, Titanium Spark Arrestor X1, Storage Bag X1, Small Tool X1, Cut-Resistant Glove X1.


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Stove Type

Folding Titanium Tent Stove

Stove Weight


Carrying Weight(with Bag)


Storage Size


Installation Size


Stove Body Size




Stove Pipe Length

2.0m/6.5ft, 2.5m/8.2ft, 3.0m/9.8ft

Stove Pipe Diameter


Adjustable Chimney Base


Side Glass Size


Front Door Glass Size


Stove Volume


Cooking Tools

No, Cooking Grate, BBQ Mesh


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