SJK31 Stove Jack Kit with Flap for Tent | Triangle, Dia. DIY Hole

  • Installation is simple and convenient through sewing, Paste, or stapler machines.
  • 2500mm waterproof rainproof cloth
  • High-temperature resistant stove jack with a thickness of 0.5mm, sturdy and durable
  • Removable stove jack design, can replace stove jacks of other sizes
  • 10cm Holes with yellow high-temperature resistant edge decoration
  • The material of the rain cover is canvas cloth



The stove Jack kit adds a stove jack to the tent. It is easy to install by sewing or stapler. 2500mm waterproof rain cover effectively blocks rain. Replaceable stove jack design makes replacement easy. After installation, the tent can be rolled up for easy carrying.



High-temperature resistant stove jack

The stove jack is made of light gray coated glass fiber material. The thickness of 0.5mm, is tear-resistant and durable. High-temperature-resistant materials can directly come into contact with high-temperature stove pipes.


Replaceable Design

The stove jack can be quickly replaced with a different hole size by connecting the stove jack with Velcro.


2500mm rainproof cloth

Made of 2500mm waterproof Oxford cloth, it is tear-resistant and wear-resistant.


High-quality Velcro

Adopts 2.5cm wide high-quality Velcro, which can resist multiple tearing and sticking. It can be used for a long time.


Suitable for various types of tents.

Can be installed on cotton tents, nylon tents, etc.


Yellow high-temperature resistant edging

The edging is made of yellow high-temperature resistant material to make the holes strong and durable.


Compatible with chimneys of various diameters

The stove jack with a 10cm hole is compatible with chimneys of various diameters.



Rain cover x1, Stove jack x1, 25×2.5cm high-quality Velcro x3.


Product Specifications:

Product model: SJ31

Stove jack kit weight: 62g/2.1 oz

Rain cloth material: Oxford cloth

Rain cloth size: 25x30cm / 9.8×11.8inch

Stove jack size: Triangle 25 cm / 9.8inch

Stove jack hole size: 7cm(2.7in) / DIY

Stove jack material: Light gray coated glass fiber material


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