Stove Jack Triangle 9.6” (24.5cm) | Dia. 2.7″(7cm) Hole

  • The stove jack is made of high-temperature resistant material that can come into contact with the stove pipe.
  • Stove jack material: high temperature resistant fireproof cloth. High-temperature fireproof cloth thickness: 0.5mm.


Product Specifications

Stove Jack Weight: 34g/1.2 oz

Stove Jack Size: Triangle 9.6” (24.5cm)

Round Hole Diameter: 7cm(2.7in) / DIY

Stove Jack Material: Light gray coated glass fiber material

High-Temperature Fireproof Cloth Thickness: 0.5mm/0.02inch



Stove Jack x1, High Quality 25cm Magic Sheets x3.


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