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  • Lightweight and portable, this camping table is designed for hammock camping and backpacking.
  • The desktop is made of pure titanium, never rusts, and can be used for a longer time.
  • The desktop is universally adjustable and suitable for most terrains.
  • Easy installation.
  • Reserve fixing holes for wine glasses and sherry bowls.
  • Fixed holes for high-altitude gas tank furnaces.
  • It can be used as a camera tripod desktop.


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UT201 is designed for backpack camping and hammock camping. The combination of pole support legs and gimbal gimbal can be used on any terrain in the forest. The wine glass fixing hole and the sherry bowls fixing hole can prevent tableware from slipping on the tabletop. Equipped with high-altitude gas cylinder furnace combustion holes. Desktop made of pure titanium material, rust-free.



Designed for hiking and camping

Lightweight and foldable design, easy to carry for hiking and camping.


Planet design

The design is inspired by the solar system, with stars around it.


Wine glass fixing hole

With 2 wine glass fixing holes with a diameter of 5cm, you can fix the wine glass to prevent it from slipping.


Sherry bowls fixing hole

Prevent the snow bowl on the table from slipping.


Gas tank stove burning hole

Fix the high mountain gas tank stove and use it on the table.


Pure titanium does not rust

The tabletop is made of pure titanium, which has the characteristics of not rusting and can be used for a long time.


Multi-terrain use

The combination of plug-in support and pan head allows the tabletop to adapt to most uneven mountain forest areas.


Simple installation

It can be easily installed at night with only 1/4 threaded holes and support rods.


Tripod tabletop

With a 1/4 thread in the middle, the tabletop can be mounted on a tripod through this thread.


Tabletop for storage

The tabletop can hold some simple tableware.



Desktop x 1, Aluminum Alloy Support Rod x 1, Storage Bag x 1.


Product Specifications:

Product Name: UT201

Material: Titanium

Weight (including accessories): 466g / 16.4oz

Weight (Desktop): 180g / 6.3oz

Desktop Size: 29.6×20.8 cm / 11.6×8.2inch

Installation Dimensions: 29.6×20.8 x 61(H) cm / 11.6×8.2x24inch

Support Rod Length: 61cm / 24inch


UT201, UT201 Desktop only


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